Top 5 Worst Things About Finals Week

As I sit here in the library attempting to write all the papers I’ve been putting off all semester long, I find myself continuing to procrastinate by writing this blog post. Finals Week absolutely sucks, there’s no denying it. It’s the time of the semester when the only thing you find yourself actually somewhat motivated to do is lay in bed and do nothing at all. All of this being said, now that I’m actually in the library, here are the Top 5 Worst Things about Final Week.

5. Lack of a Social Life. This one is pretty subjective, but for most people, interacting with friends is a dangerous thing to do during finals week.  Even if you choose to study in a group of your friends, it’s a proven fact that no good can come from even attempting to learn in a social environment. Familiar faces and exciting gossip are the #1 distraction during finals and will be the cause of all your problems. STAY AWAY FROM FRIENDS.

4. Inability to Look Like a Normal Human Being. You’re spending all of your time either eating, sleeping, or studying, so chances are, you have very little time to keep your physical appearance in tip-top condition. This is one of the only times that seeing someone on campus in sweatpants is the norm, and no make-up and wet hair become second nature. Bags under the eyes? It’s totally the hot new look. My only suggestion is to embrace your finals week beauty and just let it happen, my friends. Your life will go on if you don’t look perfect. I promise.

3. Lack of Seats with Plugs in the Library. If you’re anything like me, you know that the first hour of “studying” in the library is actually spent searching all 6 floors of the library for not only somewhere to sit, but somewhere to sit with an easily accessible electrical outlet. If you are somehow able to get a cubby with an outlet in it, you reign supreme during finals week. Otherwise, you have the choice of stalking out your prey until they decide to leave or planting your derriere on the ground and sucking it up.

2. Inability to Focus. I’m sitting here writing a blog when I have 3 finals to study for and 3 papers to write. Need I say more? If somehow all students were granted a prescription of Adderall, I think a majority of finals week problems would be solved. It’s the worst when you get to the point where you just stare at your open book for a ridiculous amount of time but just don’t have the mental capacity to even attempt to try and decipher it. After a certain period of time, the English language becomes hieroglyphics, and you have no option but to keep on truckin’.

1. Lack of Sleep. For me, at least, this is the #1 worst part of finals week. If you’re anything like me, you probably get an average of 4 hours of sleep a night during finals. This, my friends, is just a fact of life, and a shitty one, at that. Just remember kids, you can sleep when you’re done with finals you’re dead.

It is unfortunately now time for me to return to my studies. Over and out, kids, and the best of luck to you during this wretched week from Hell.

My College Christmas

If you’re a girl, you know that Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. Starbucks uses their cheerful holiday cups, all of your favorite stores have amazing deals, and you can wear your scarf and boots every day of the week! The only downside to having Christmas in college, however, is the evil that goes by the name of ‘FINALS’. The library is always over capacity forcing people to be sprawled out on the floor like cockroaches, your final papers are preventing you from watching ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, and you’re cramming so much for your exams that you don’t have time to even enjoy your Christmas decorations (let’s be serious, I KNOW you’ve already put them up). A college Christmas season has the potential to be one of the worst parts of growing up, only if you don’t know how to do it right.

Me circa 20 years from now

Here’s how I keep my holiday spirit up and somehow manage not to lose focus. *Note: these might not work for you- I tend to be a bit of a Holiday-aholic (much like this woman), so it is very easy to incorporate Christmas cheer into my everyday routine flawlessly.

I have a love affair with Christmas music: Whether I’m getting ready in the morning or studying in the dungeon of the library, I am 100% always listening to Holiday music. Not only do I have over 400 Christmas songs on my iTunes, but I know every word to every single one of them, and I have absolutely no shame. Christmas radio station in the car? The only radio I listen to. Pandora ‘Swingin Christmas’ station? Always on. If you don’t like Christmas music, then I do not like you.

My Christmas lights are ALWAYS on: Sorry bout it, global warming, but I need some holiday cheer at all times, therefore the lights stay ON. The (real) tree must be purchased and decorated within a week of Thanksgiving, or else, you’re doing it wrong. Garland on the stair banisters, stockings hung, and all other non-tacky Christmas paraphernalia also needs to be displayed prominently within a week of Thanksgiving. You only get one month, people, make it last, and make it look good! Use this for inspiration if you’re still at a loss.

Christmas is the #1 excuse to have/attend a party:  Like I previously stated, the decorations are key, and you already have your perfect playlist (thanks Pandora!), so just provide the booze and you’re golden! Not only is it the perfect excuse to have a party, but its the perfect excuse to attend a party even when you know you have a million other important things to do, including, you know, all that studying for finals you’ve yet to start. And it’s not a real Christmas party unless you look stupid and/or tacky, so you MUST bust out the tacky Christmas gear or else you are formally uninvited to any Christmas shindig I plan on throwing.

ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas: This really should go without saying, but let the good Lord baby Jesus bless whoever came up with ABC Family’s holiday countdowns, especially the Christmas one. If you’re running low on Christmas spirit, simply turn on your television any night in December and you can sit back and bask in the glory that comes with any and all Christmas movies (except for those stupid ones with the puppies- Buddy the Elf is the ONLY ‘buddy’ allowed in my Christmas repertoire). The best part about ’25

Don't mind me, I'm just getting into the holiday spirit.

Days’ is the fact that they include Harry Potter…where can I send my personalized thank you letter to?

Tis the Season to Bake/Eat Everything: Not only is Christmastime the season of baking excessive amounts of things that are bad for you delicious treats, but it is also the season of eating excessive amounts of everything in sight Christmas cookies and chocolate. Who needs to be skinny when you’re going to be bundled up in coats and sweaters anyway?! No one, that’s who. So I fully encourage you to ditch the diet and bring on the candy-canes and gingerbread men this holiday season not only because they are delicious, but because you can.

So I hope this post brings a little ease to your ever-so-stressful last couple weeks of the semester. This being said, if you happen to see me between now and the end of finals week, I’ll be in the library, jamming to Pandora’s ‘Swingin Christmas’, and wearing my tacky Christmas sweater. Happy Holidays folks!