‘Tis the Season…for NONSTOP Holiday Music

Alright guys, you know what this is about. It’s that time of year, and let’s be honest…it’s been that time of year for me since August. No, really – I tried to find local Christmas trees in October and I was quite upset to learn that they were not available until late November. Never fear, though, because I am fairly certain that I was the first tree customer of the season from the Jewel parking lot down the street.

I’ll keep it short and simple, because if you scroll down a little more on my blog (remember when I blogged…?), you’ll see a much more detailed post about my Christmas playlists. But I have exciting news… I have officially re-branded (because #advertising) and updated all of my playlists, and I’m pretty. darn. stoked. about it. And if you’re new here, yes you read that correctly – that’s playlists plural, because for the best time of the year and the best music genre of all time, there is simply no way to put all of that music in just one playlist. I mean, come on. There’s simply no better way to brighten a mood than a Christmas song, and don’t even try to argue with me on that.

SO, without further ado, here are your links to the updated Spotify playlists (sry Apple Music users, that’s a no from me, dawg). Save ’em, share ’em, and add to them if a favorite song or album of yours is missing! I’ve made them all collaborative for that exact reason. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and most important of all, Happy Listening 🎄🎁⛄❄️🌟

Playlist #1: Classic Christmas Tunes
This should be a go-to. These are Christmas songs you hear while grocery shopping, on your local holiday radio station, that you grew up on, and that you’ll just never not know. Think: a lot of Andy Williams, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Gene Autry, and of course, BublĂŠ. Approximate run-time: 9 hrs.

Playlist #2: Modern Christmas Tunes
Did your favorite current artist just release a Christmas album? It’s on this playlist. Spotify Singles? You betcha. Unlike the first playlist, these are not the Christmas songs that you grew up on, but sometimes we just need something new! And a new holiday tune or remix never hurt anybody. Approximate run-time: 32 hrs (and growing…).

Playlist #3: Calm Christmas Tunes
Perfect for putting on when you’re trying to unwind from a long day, or while you’re trying to focus on that spreadsheet or project you’ve been putting off. Ideal when enjoyed near a fireplace (if you don’t have a real fireplace, YouTube fireplace is fine, a la Ina Garten). Approximate run-time: 35 hrs.

Playlist #4: Christmas Party Tunes
A NEW playlist from the last time I blogged about Christmas music, this playlist is ideal for having people over and partying, but given that we’re in a pandemic and we should only being partying with ourselves and/or families/covid pods, put this on shuffle and get your egg-nog on in your favorite Christmas jammies, and you’re sure to be in for a good time. Approximate run-time: 19 hrs.

Playlist #5: Jazzy Christmas Tunes of Yester-Year (+ Now)
Besides Playlist #7 (plz scroll), this is definitely my favorite of the bunch. This playlist used to be reserved just for older, more jazzy holiday music, but I’ve recently added a ton of more recent or current holiday jazz music, because we don’t discriminate by decade in this house. And who doesn’t love a good jazz vibe?! Approximate run-time: 39 hrs.

Playlist #6: Ultimate Christmas Tunes
This is it: the full monty of Christmas playlists. Take every single Christmas song made and put it in one place, and that’s what this playlist is. We’re talking all genres, including the Gucci Mane christmas song I recently discovered (trust me, it’s a banger). That being said, if there’s a song you know or love that somehow isn’t on this playlist, PLEASE be sure to add it. Current approximate run-time: 151 hrs (and counting…).

Playlist #7: Paige’s Christmas Faves
The only playlist on the list that isn’t collaborative, this is my personal arsenal of favorite Christmas music. If you somehow couldn’t already tell, this time of year (and especially this music) is very sacred to me, and these are the songs that get the chosen honor of being considered my favorites. Leading the pack, forever and always, is the main title from Home Alone, because nothing says Christmas spirit more than Home Alone and the O’Hare airport scene. Well this year for me, it’ll be the monotonous 5 hours of driving through Ohio to get home to VA, but you get the point). Approximate run-time: 13 hrs.

And if you’d made it this far, here’s one final parting gift for you. *Sung to the tune of Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Black and Yellow’* – YEAH, uh-uhh you know what it is, CHRISTMAS MUSIC CHRISTMAS MUSIC CHRISTMAS MUSIC CHRISTMAS MUSIC.

Sorry, it’s late and I’ve had some wine. MERRY CHRISTMAS Y’ALL.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year- NONSTOP CHRISTMAS MUSIC

Let’s make one thing clear- it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with all things Christmas. I’ve got Christmas sweaters on deck, decorations for days, and can recite almost any holiday movie from the nineties by heart. Let’s also not forget the fact that I was due to be born on Christmas Day. I think I’ve made my point. However, nothing holds a candle to how I feel about the truly joyous and effervescent gift that comes around this time each year- holiday music.

xmasmusicEver since a young age, I’ve been delighted and fascinated at the sound of jingle bells filling the air and carolers singing around me. My mother can even attest to the fact that I used to call into the holiday radio station (waddup 97.1 WASH-FM) and request to hear ‘Christmas Shoes’ or ‘Christmas Eve in Washington’ almost every single night. It got to the point where Glenn Hollis (the late-night radio DJ who hosted ‘After Hours with Glenn Hollis,’ obviously) and I became kindred spirits and I became genuinely upset when he was replaced with some chick named Delilah (go home, Delilah).

We should all know by now that I have a creepy unique taste in music, but trust me, this is truly the time of year when my song list shines. Take, for example, the fact that I listen to Josh Groban and Michael Buble year-round. These guys’ most noteworthy albums by a landslide are their holiday albums (sidenote: Mr. Groban’s album was the overall best-selling album in the U.S in 2008, need I say more?), so this is the time of year I get to listen to their music without being judged! Hooray for Paige!

Well, because my Spotify seems to be a treasure trove of odd playlists (see here for my movie scores playlist), along with the occasional sprinkle of Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry,’ I’ve been putting 6 particular playlists into rotation for the past month or so to gear up for the holidays. Yes, you read that correctly: I have six different holiday playlists. And because I’m a generous person, of course, I’ve included all of them in this post. I know, I know- how could I be so nice? I know that 6 Christmas playlists was exactly what you were missing in your life. They are all Spotify playlists, so if you don’t use Spotify, first of all, please re-evaluate your life, and second of all, tough (gingerbread) cookies. The best part of all? All of the playlists are collaborative, meaning anyone with a Spotify account can add any songs to them. So if you see that something is missing, feel free to add it to the playlist- the more Christmas tunes, the merrier 🙂 Happy listening!

Playlist #1: Classic Christmas Tunes
I feel as though the title should probably give this away, but this playlist is my go-to for the holiday tunes that you grew up on. You either heard these while you walked through the mall doing your holiday shopping, on your radio driving through the snow to your relatives’ house, or really just any other place that had a generic loop of Christmas songs on repeat. You really can’t go wrong.

Playlist #2: Modern Christmas Tunes 
If you’re a successful artist these days, chances are you’ve probably released at least one holiday song at one point or another. And why not? During the holiday season, who wouldn’t want some extra cash coming in from song sales? We all know Mariah Carey has been living very comfortably sine the release of her instant-classic holiday hit, given that the song is in the top ten on iTunes every single December without fail. Basically, this playlist is full of either classic songs sung by your favorite current artists, or brand new original holiday songs, like the ever-inspiring ‘Text Me Merry Christmas’ by Kristin Bell and Straight No Chaser. [Also there’s a lot of GLEE Christmas songs on here deal with it SORRYBYE]

Playlist #3: Calm Christmas Tunes
So it’s been a long day at the office and you just want to sit by the fire with some mulled wine or eggnog in your hand and de-stress, right? Consider this playlist your new best friend. We’ve got a lot of instrumentals and a-Capella tracks (think Vince Guaraldi Trio and Il Divo, respectively), but I’ve also thrown in some Barbara and even some Sam Smith to create the perfect mellow mood.

Playlist #4: Jazzy Christmas Tunes of Yester-Year
Yes, you are correct, that is the best playlist title of all time- thanks for noticing! I’ve always had a real passion for swing music, so really, it’s only natural that holiday music would be my favorite genre since that’s when Christmas music really came into its’ prime. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, Dean Martin?! These guys right here are true icons in their own right, but even more so during the holiday season. White Christmas?! I MEAN, COME ON- WHAT A CLASSIC. Okay, I’ll stop now. Just put it on shuffle and listen for yourself.

Playlist #5: Ultimate Christmas Tunes
Since I’ve already broken the rest of the playlists out into specific categories, here’s your ultimate all-encompassing Christmas Music Playlist. This playlist has EVERYTHING: The Nutcracker Suite, Ella Fitzgerald, Willie Nelson, and even Tom Hanks (hopefully you all got the SNL Stefan reference there). Put this one on shuffle, but at your own risk- there’s truly a lot going on here. Also it’s 20+ hours of non-stop Christmas music so depending on who you are as a person, that’s either heaven or torture.

Playlist #6: Paige’s Favorite Christmas Tunes
YOU’VE MADE IT. Honestly, I’ve you’re still reading this far and are genuinely interested in this much holiday music, please call me immediately so I can officially declare you as my best friend. Obviously, I like all of the other playlists in their own right, however, I managed to narrow it down to my favorites of all time. The playlist starts with truly the greatest Christmas song ever created: the main title song from Home Alone. If you disagree, GOODBYE. This song used to be on repeat when I lived with Heather, so I know she’ll appreciate it when I say it’s definitely still on repeat now (sorry Megan). Missing from this playlist is unfortunately one of my other favorites which is not available on Spotify for whatever reason- ‘Winter Wonderland’ by Jason Mraz. Trust me, you’ll like it.

Again, if you’ve made it this far, Feliz Navidad, Mazol Tov, and just, all-around congratulations. From my ear-buds to yours, happy holidays, y’all.

My College Christmas

If you’re a girl, you know that Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. Starbucks uses their cheerful holiday cups, all of your favorite stores have amazing deals, and you can wear your scarf and boots every day of the week! The only downside to having Christmas in college, however, is the evil that goes by the name of ‘FINALS’. The library is always over capacity forcing people to be sprawled out on the floor like cockroaches, your final papers are preventing you from watching ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, and you’re cramming so much for your exams that you don’t have time to even enjoy your Christmas decorations (let’s be serious, I KNOW you’ve already put them up). A college Christmas season has the potential to be one of the worst parts of growing up, only if you don’t know how to do it right.

Me circa 20 years from now

Here’s how I keep my holiday spirit up and somehow manage not to lose focus. *Note: these might not work for you- I tend to be a bit of a Holiday-aholic (much like this woman), so it is very easy to incorporate Christmas cheer into my everyday routine flawlessly.

I have a love affair with Christmas music: Whether I’m getting ready in the morning or studying in the dungeon of the library, I am 100% always listening to Holiday music. Not only do I have over 400 Christmas songs on my iTunes, but I know every word to every single one of them, and I have absolutely no shame. Christmas radio station in the car? The only radio I listen to. Pandora ‘Swingin Christmas’ station? Always on. If you don’t like Christmas music, then I do not like you.

My Christmas lights are ALWAYS on: Sorry bout it, global warming, but I need some holiday cheer at all times, therefore the lights stay ON. The (real) tree must be purchased and decorated within a week of Thanksgiving, or else, you’re doing it wrong. Garland on the stair banisters, stockings hung, and all other non-tacky Christmas paraphernalia also needs to be displayed prominently within a week of Thanksgiving. You only get one month, people, make it last, and make it look good! Use this for inspiration if you’re still at a loss.

Christmas is the #1 excuse to have/attend a party:  Like I previously stated, the decorations are key, and you already have your perfect playlist (thanks Pandora!), so just provide the booze and you’re golden! Not only is it the perfect excuse to have a party, but its the perfect excuse to attend a party even when you know you have a million other important things to do, including, you know, all that studying for finals you’ve yet to start. And it’s not a real Christmas party unless you look stupid and/or tacky, so you MUST bust out the tacky Christmas gear or else you are formally uninvited to any Christmas shindig I plan on throwing.

ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas: This really should go without saying, but let the good Lord baby Jesus bless whoever came up with ABC Family’s holiday countdowns, especially the Christmas one. If you’re running low on Christmas spirit, simply turn on your television any night in December and you can sit back and bask in the glory that comes with any and all Christmas movies (except for those stupid ones with the puppies- Buddy the Elf is the ONLY ‘buddy’ allowed in my Christmas repertoire). The best part about ’25

Don't mind me, I'm just getting into the holiday spirit.

Days’ is the fact that they include Harry Potter…where can I send my personalized thank you letter to?

Tis the Season to Bake/Eat Everything: Not only is Christmastime the season of baking excessive amounts of things that are bad for you delicious treats, but it is also the season of eating excessive amounts of everything in sight Christmas cookies and chocolate. Who needs to be skinny when you’re going to be bundled up in coats and sweaters anyway?! No one, that’s who. So I fully encourage you to ditch the diet and bring on the candy-canes and gingerbread men this holiday season not only because they are delicious, but because you can.

So I hope this post brings a little ease to your ever-so-stressful last couple weeks of the semester. This being said, if you happen to see me between now and the end of finals week, I’ll be in the library, jamming to Pandora’s ‘Swingin Christmas’, and wearing my tacky Christmas sweater. Happy Holidays folks!