Wednesday Pick-Me-Up

So, here’s the thing. I haven’t posted a blog post in over a year, and I get that. And I can hear what you’re saying: “who do I think I am, Carrie Bradshow? Coming off of some ‘Eat-Pray-Love’ adventure?” Of course not. But the one thing I’ve been super clear about from the beginning of this blog (shoutout to 2011!) is that it is to serve as an outlet for my thoughts at my current time and place. Oh, also, it’s just a fun thing, so just read the blog, you dummy.

Which leads me to this very important announcement: this is officially the most important YouTube video in my entire life. And here’s a preview of why:

  1. Well, Billy Eichner, because OBVIOUSLY
  2. Jon Hamm makes an appearance?

So, at this point in my writing, I’m hoping that you’ve watched the extremely important YouTube video linked above (no, seriously, go watch it). If yes (and if no), please refer to this breakdown of the necessary characters that I will now subsequently attempt to be for Halloween because of this single important YouTube video (in order):

  • Andy Samberg as Tom from MySpace
    • Tom, honey, you should be honored with the amount of airtime you are getting from this 3-minute piece of art.
  • Mermaid Logo from Starbucks
    • Yl7089-dreamworks-animation-logo-93083es, recognized, but not honored as much as she should be. JUSTICE FOR MERMAID WOMAN.
  • Andy Samberg as the Fishing Boy from Dreamworks
    • “What’s you’re favorite Andy Samberg work?” “HIS NOSE.”
    • The fact that this is even a reference brings me joy, honestly.
  • Princess Diana Commemorative Beanie Beabie
    • Watch the video, click the link, You won’t be confused anymore.
  • Gnomeo & Juliet
    • I’m really just upset that this is an actual reference; view at your own risk: movie poster
  • Sunmaid Raisins- Poster Girl
    • Honestly, no visual or explanation needed, WE ALL KNOW THE SUNMAID RAISINS
    • A HUGE BASKET OF GRAPES– if the grapes are Latina, they would definitely be (according to popular vote) Jennifer Lawrence
  • Spotify Logo
    • THIS WINS ALL OF 2017; I have not laughed harder than when this showed up on my screen. I may be in the severe minority, but this was incredible.
    • The ‘weapon’ was the royalties of a ‘fifth of a cent’ and I about peed myself.
  • Tinder Flame
    • “Yeahhhhhhhh YOU’RE THE WORST” LET’S GET IT, TINDER.
  • Doctor Strange, Medicine Woman
    • Apparently, Jon Hamm just wanted a speaking part in this video, and who can blame him.
  • Little Women Resurrection
  • Dandy from the New Yorker
    • Take me seriously, I get very upset if you don’t.
  • Lupita N’yonga as the NBC Peacock
    • “I’m the NBC Peacock, I’ll kill you”
    • “We’ve just found out about Chicago 4 years ago and we’re very into it.”
  • Honorable Mention: Jansport backpacks in relation to diversity.

Basically, I just needed everyone to be aware of this absolutely incredible piece of entertainment. That is all. Have a wonderful week.