Lawd Jesus! Somebody Got Time Fo’ Dat!

We all have bad days. For me, I believed that today was going to rank at an unfortunate ‘2’ on a scale of 1-10. Not only was I not granted the luxury of sleep last night, but as I was being the ever-so-gracious friend that I am and chauffeuring my roommate to her 8 am exam, the PDjeep decided that today would be the day she would just stop running all-together. After watching her get towed away at 8:30 in the morning and walking home through downtown in my tie-dye sweatshirt and sweatpants (hottie alert!), I had pretty much given up all hope that today would be a good day.

That’s when I checked twitter. Scrolling through my timeline per usual, something caught my eye that just NEEDED to be addressed as soon as possible. Being the avid internet nerd that I am, I was ecstatic to find out that the face of one of my favorite viral videos and corresponding favorite gifs was now communicating with her fans. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Sweet Brown is now on twitter. I took action immediately, and the following event made me more giddy than I probably should admit.

ain't nobody got time for that

And if you really want one more reason to be in love with Sweet Brown, the autotone remix of her viral video is one of the most inspirational clips of our generation. I mean, come on, Joe Jonas in a leotard and a gospel choir mashed up with the sweet, sweet sounds of one Miss Sweet Brown.

Carry on.

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