The Clemson Chipotle: IT’S FINALLY HERE

Since my blog seems to be a highly trafficked source of information regarding the Clemson Chipotle [according to my blog stats, 20+ people have visited this blog post as a result from searching “Clemson Chipotle opening”], I figured I would shed some light on the pressing question: WHEN IS THE CLEMSON CHIPOTLE OPENING?!

Here’s my evidence stating that the Chipotle Mexican Grill in Clemson, SC has officially opened TODAY, JUNE 19TH, 2012.

Unfortunately, I cannot be there to be the first in line to order my mouth-watering burrito bowl and patron margarita. But for everyone who does have the honor of being in Clemson for the grand opening, think of me as you inhale your burrito.

You’re welcome.

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