Lady Antebellum: Annoying and Whiny

We’ve all heard the song. You know, that one where the boy and the girl are drunk and desperate and whine about needing each other? Well, if you’ve been living under a rock for the last 3 years, its called “Need You Now” by  the country music group ‘Lady Antebellum’. It was played every 10 minutes on the Top 40 and Country stations, just to be extra obnoxious. At first, I kind of liked the song. It was catchy, I had heard it enough times that I could sing along to it, and I had no problems. Then it just got plain stupid. The song is about a no-strings-attached relationship that ended for whatever reason when clearly both sides didn’t want it to end, and now they are lonely low-lifes who drink to ease the pain of their desperation for their one-time booty call. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know this happens all the time in real life. I’m in college, you think I’ve never heard of a dramatic hook-up where neither side was willing to commit? But honestly, the song is just so pathetic. Have a little dignity! At 25 and 29 years old, I think the lead singers are a little old to be this pitifully desperate. Quite frankly, the lyrics sound like they were written specifically for the purpose of becoming a 13 year old girl’s Facebook status: “reachinggg 4 the fone cuz i cant fite it anymoreee ❤ u johnny”.

Now, I had heard their other song “I Run to You” before this, so I hadn’t written off Lady Antebellum as being the worst thing to happen to country music quite yet. That song, I actually have some respect for- its not a childish ode to a drunken relationship. But of course, “Lookin’ For a Good Time” comes on the radio. Really? This song is all about a drunken one night stand because they think that a real relationship is too complicated. One of the lyrics of the song is “Go ahead and lie to me and pull me close, tell me that you love me even if you don’t.” I kid you not. The funny thing is, this song was released before “Need You Now”. So let me get this straight, Lady A- you want someone to tell you that they love you even if they don’t and to get drunk and hook up with them like its no big deal, but then later you’re going to get drunk and desperate and want to call them up for a booty call because you are so lonely?

See, Lady Antebellum is really obnoxious.

[I really liked ‘American Honey’ so I pretend that its not their song.] Their most recent single, “Just A Kiss”, might not involve the alcohol the way the other two do, but it still sounds as if it was written by a young tween who is determined to make it work with her crush, thus leading her to over analyze everything and be overcautious (and annoying). She clearly wants to jump this guy, but she knows that if she wants the relationship to last more than just one hook-up, she has to take it incredibly slow and leave him with just a kiss.

So in conclusion, Lady Antebellum wants to get drunk and hook up with someone who will lie and say that they love them, but then they’re going to get drunk and cry and booty call their hook-up because they have no one else, and then when they finally get someone else in their life, they’re going to be so cautious that this other person will eventually end up leaving them. A+, Lady Antebellum, solid work.

Need You Now- Lady Antebellum

One thought on “Lady Antebellum: Annoying and Whiny

  1. Although I’m a Lady A fan, I secretly loved reading this. It is kinda sad that these songs are generating more revenue and getting way more attention than the other more brilliant songs being written these days.

    Great post!

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