It’s Just Senior Year…No Pressure.

So here we are, back at school, ready to begin our last and final year of collegiate learning. Classes have been going strong for about almost two weeks, we’ve all settled in, and fall is under way. Hell, we’ve even already got a football game under our belt (war damn who?)! All of this can only lead to one thing, right? Anxiety.

A midst all the craziness between getting back to school, moving back into my apartment, getting an internship, sorority recruitment, and classes starting, you would think that now that everything is settled down it would be a cakewalk. Nope; not for me. I find myself constantly feeling like there is something I should be doing that I’m not, or that there is a certain way I am supposed to feel that I’m not. Yes, I actually just said that. No, I am not trying to be dramatic. It’s the truth. With the title ‘Senior Year’ comes a lot of pressure. Everyone tells you that your senior year is going to be the “best year yet!” so I feel like my every action or inaction needs to hold true to that statement; it has to be the best one yet of anything I have ever done. Is any of this even making sense?

Wait, are you telling me I need to have a job after this year? What, are you kidding? That actually gives me negative anxiety [Disclaimer: I have absolutely no job lined up and should probably be stressed about this.] I don’t particularly know how else to describe it. I just have this daunting feeling that a lot is riding on this senior year. We’ve all seen the movies, heard our parents’ stories, etc.

So this is officially our last ride around the block. Let’s make it count. Cheers.

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